HookSur is a free windows desktop application for remotely controlling PowerPoint presentations using a Microsoft Surface Pen’s top button.

Download HookSur v1.1

Quick start

No installation is required; just unzip the package into a folder of your choice and launch the application (see the last section of this page if you encounter a Windows security warning). Make sure that ‘Hook’ box is checked, load your PowerPoint presentation and use the following methods to navigate:

  • Long Click (click and hold)-> to start the presentation
  • Single Click -> navigate to next page
  • Double Click -> navigate to previous page


This application is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License for both non-profit and commercial use.


To check whether HookSur is receiving input from the pen:

  • Un-check the ‘Trap pen clicks’ box
  • Try clicking on your pen. If HookSur is receiving input from it you should see a green box light up next to each key-code box.
  • If you don’t see any of your clicks, the pen might not be paired with your device. See How to pair your pen with your device

Is this application free of malware, spyware, adware, ….ware??

Yes, all of the applications on this site are free of those things. When you first try to run the program on your tablet you might receive a security warning from Windows. To waive the warning, click on the more info link, then click “Run anyway” button. You are receiving the security prompt because the the application is not digitally signed (unfortunately I have no means to do so at the moment).

21 Replies to “HookSur”

      1. I tried replying to this before but it doesn’t seem to have posted (though I’m a different person than the OP). I tried changing the key to enter (13) but it made no difference. It seems that the program is sending the keystroke twice. Since I have slide animations, it doesn’t skip the slide but it does skip the animation. I also tested this in notepad as well and with the key set as Enter, it added two lines when pressed. Hope this helps you debug the issue. I’m running Windows 10 Pro 64bit with PPT 2016.

        1. Has anyone found a solution to the double key stroke? I have the same problem, rendering my animations virtually useless.

        2. I am finding the same, which is a real shame as would love this to build correctly. Please let us know if you plan to make any modifications to resolve this. Thanks.

  1. I’m getting a double keystroke affect (I tried changing the value to 13 for the Enter key and had the same result). It’s a bit of a shame because it skips over the first animation on any given slide.

  2. Hi,
    Hooksur is really cool!

    Unfortunately, as others report too, it sends double click to PowerPoint, this results in PowerPoint skipping some animations

    Is it possible that you could fix this issue?


  3. Hey thx for making this good program!!
    I totally thank u but when i use it, i cannot use animation in PPT T_T
    how i modify click one button action ‘next page’ with ‘next step’?
    if i know the key number of ‘->’ or ‘enter’, i can fix it! plz let me know

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